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Hi Geek.

The Geek and Grub Market, established in Raleigh, North Carolina in April 2022, is a unique, family-friendly vendor market celebrating geek culture. It was founded by Erin Dunphy Dean to create a safe and fun environment for like-minded enthusiasts to sell and purchase geeky goods. This vibrant market offers not only a shopping experience but also a lively atmosphere filled with entertainment and community engagement, embodying a spirited celebration of all things geek.

Geek & Grub Market Founder

Erin Dunphy Dean

Erin Dunphy Dean, a geek and seasoned event planner, is the driving force behind the Geek and Grub Market. With a diverse background in the event planning and television industries, including an opportunity to work with Matt Damon, Erin established the market during the Covid era. Her goal was to create a safe, enjoyable space for geeks to share their passion for geeky goods. As the market's coordinator and manager, Erin oversees planning and execution, coordinating with vendors, managing staff, and maintaining logistics. Her expertise is vital in enhancing the market experience, fostering community spirit, and introducing fresh, engaging ideas for each event.


Meet the Geek Team

These are some the hard working Geeks you'll meet behind the scenes
at our shows!

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